Lenore Daniels Miller, Sc.D., CCC-SLP
Lenore Daniels Miller, Sc.D., CCC-SLP


“My son began seeing Dr. Miller for voice therapy and dysfluency.  Over time, not only did his issues improve, but Dr. Miller had, along the way, discovered that he was lagging behind in age-appropriate cognitive and speech skills.  Dr. Miller's systematic, thoughtful and comprehensive work with my son enabled him to start Kindergarten with confidence and improved language capacity.  In about a year and a half he is surpassing grade level expectations linguistically and is in his first full year of no stuttering!”



-Rachel T., Waltham

"Dr. Miller has the determination and perseverance to coax a reluctant teenage boy into doing the exercises necessary to recover from vocal nodules.  She was able to reach him and to develop a warm relationship with him so that he was motivated and committed.  We are so grateful!”



-Lucia T., Wayland

“Dr. Miller is fantastic! She provided thoughtful, focused, mature and exceedingly competent care for our children. She performed detailed in-take evaluations, and then tailored individual intervention plans. She would set clear goals, and then focus efforts to attain them, before re-assessing and moving on to the next area to target. She is an expert clinician with years of practical hands-on experience, and she brings that experience to bear on a regular and on-going basis. She is also a personal delight: friendly, engaging, and flexible, but with a master teacher’s compassionate bearing. Her input and clinical care helped our children maximize their communication potential. Our oldest child went on to become President of her school’s Speech and Debate Society; an accomplishment that we did not imagine when we first met Dr. Miller. Perhaps that says it all.”



-E.R., Boston

"I'm an actor and I came to Lenore when I was told by an ear, nose, and throat physician that I was placing my voice incorrectly. I was developing nodes. I would strain my voice during the heightened emotional work I did on stage or in front of the Camera. I'd then lose my voice for days. It was a vicious cycle. I came to Lenore for about 5 months before shooting a feature film and she really worked with me on the placement of my voice to the point that it became muscle memory for me. To this day I incorporate the exercises we did together in my warm-ups for any performance. I also now know how to protect my voice more instinctually while I work. The work I did with Lenore fused with what I do with voice teachers has given me an incredible grounded voice and one that truly resonates."



-Rebecca K., Newton

“My young daughter connected immediately with Dr. Miller due to her warm, nurturing personality.  Through the use of games and other fun activities, Dr. Miller helped my daughter overcome her speech issues.   Dr. Miller took the time to update me on my daughter’s progress after each meeting, answered all of my questions, eased my concerns and provided me with helpful tips to use at home.  I cannot thank Dr. Miller enough for all that she did for my daughter.”



-S.R.J., Carlisle

“After 20 years of a career in sales my voice was so strained, tired and sore!! Dr. Miller was a savior and was incredibly helpful.  Through our therapy sessions she taught me many tools, techniques and strategies to use my voice more efficiently and effectively!”



-Cheryl C., Natick

“During the year that my daughter saw Dr. Miller, her speech greatly improved. Dr. Miller was professional, timely, friendly and engaging. She kept the sessions fun while still working on accomplishing our goals. The sessions were tailored to my daughter's individual needs and she even enjoyed going to speech!”



-Debbie L., Wayland

I am an otolaryngologist who has had the opportunity to work with Dr Miller for several years while we treated patients with cleft palate and craniofacial disorders, and with speech and voice disorders.  Her evaluation skills are excellent, due to her extensive knowledge and experience.  Her treatment is consistently effective and compassionate, resulting in optimal results and satisfied patients.



-Victor Calcaterra, M.D.

Dr. Miller was so helpful for our son’s speech. We’re so appreciative of Dr. Hartnick’s recommendation to her. She was such a great find. She has unique methods and really is able to focus on the bigger picture of speech production.



-Family from Cambridge

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